Everything changes.

Or already has. Like our website, for instance. Someone or another will miss our old website (“Where have those beautiful illustrations all gone?”). And that would be a good thing, because we really put a lot of effort into that site at the time. But times, they are for changing – and memories actually only have meaning once … But we’d better stop there, lest the sentimentality-police be called on us.

In launching the new website we have taken great efforts to ensure that marcellini is properly represented on the internet. A website that practices what it preaches. Finally, you can find out more about us. In the “Agency” section you’ll find everything concerning marcellini – unfiltered, without retouch. “Everything Else” will have a rotating assortment of fresh content, giving you something for the way. Last but not least, on our homepage you’ll find some little ideas and inspirations that we think are worth giving some consideration.

By the way, in two years from now we may end up surprising you again with yet another new look for our website. But until then, you have enough time to learn to love this one. If you find yourself overcome with nostalgia again at that point, we’ll know we’ve done our job right.

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